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The Imitation of Christ

Thomas Hemerken of Kempen, or Thomas À Kempis as he is now known.
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Apr 23
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Forever Loved
Song = Everything Is Possible

Apr 23

3. Internal Consolation

3.3 Listen Humbly to the Words of God. ManyDo Not Heed Them

MY CHILD, hear My words, words of greatest sweetnesssurpassing all the knowledge of the philosophers and wise men ofearth. My words are spirit and life, and they are not to beweighed by man’s understanding. They are not to be invokedin vanity but are to be heard in silence, and accepted with allhumility and with great affection.

"Happy is the man whom Thou admonishest, O Lord, andteachest out of Thy law, to give him peace from the days ofevil," {#Ps 94:12} and that he be not desolate on earth.

I taught the prophets from the beginning, and even to this dayI continue to speak to all men. But many are hardened. Many aredeaf to My voice. Most men listen more willingly to the worldthan to God. They are more ready to follow the appetite of theirflesh than the good pleasure of God. The world, which promisessmall and passing things, is served with great eagerness: Ipromise great and eternal things and the hearts of men grow dull.Who is there that serves and obeys Me in all things with as greatcare as that with which the world and its masters are served?

"Be thou ashamed, O Sidon, for the sea speaketh."{#Isa 23:4} And if you ask why, listen to the cause: for a smallgain they travel far; for eternal life many will scarcely lift afoot from the ground. They seek a petty reward, and sometimesfight shamefully in law courts for a single piece of money. Theyare not afraid to work day and night for a trifle or an emptypromise. But, for an unchanging good, for a reward beyondestimate, for the greatest honor and for glory everlasting, itmust be said to their shame that men begrudge even the leastfatigue. Be ashamed, then, lazy and complaining servant, thatthey should be found more eager for perdition than you are forlife, that they rejoice more in vanity than you in truth.

Sometimes indeed their expectations fail them, but My promisenever deceives, nor does it send away empty-handed him who trustsin Me. What I have promised I will give. What I have said I willfulfill, if only a man remain faithful in My love to the end. Iam the rewarder of all the good, the strong approver of all whoare devoted to Me.

Write My words in your heart and meditate on them earnestly,for in time of temptation they will be very necessary. What youdo not understand when you read, you will learn in the day ofvisitation. I am wont to visit My elect in two ways—bytemptation and by consolation. To them I read two lessonsdaily—one reproving their vices, the other exhorting themto progress in virtue. He who has My words and despises them hasthat which shall condemn him on the last day.

O Lord my God, You are all my good. And who am I that I shoulddare to speak to You? I am Your poorest and meanest servant, avile worm, much more poor and contemptible than I know or dare tosay. Yet remember me, Lord, because I am nothing, I have nothing,and I can do nothing. You alone are good, just, and holy. You cando all things, You give all things, You fill all things: only thesinner do You leave empty-handed. Remember Your tender merciesand fill my heart with Your grace, You Who will not allow Yourworks to be in vain. How can I bear this life of misery unlessYou comfort me with Your mercy and grace? Do not turn Your facefrom me. Do not delay Your visitation. Do not withdraw Yourconsolation, lest in Your sight my soul become as desert land.Teach me, Lord, to do Your will. Teach me to live worthily andhumbly in Your sight, for You are my wisdom Who know me truly,and Who knew me even before the world was made and before I wasborn into it.

April 23-Morning {Daily Reading: #1Ki 5:1-7:51} {Quick Study: #1Ki 14:1-15:34}

"Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us." {#Ro 8:37}

We go to Christ for forgiveness, and then too often look to the law for power to fight our sins. Paul thus rebukes us, "O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth? This only would I learn of you, Received ye the Spirit by the works of the law, or by the hearing of faith? are ye so foolish? having begun in the Spirit, are ye now made perfect by the flesh?" Take your sins to Christ’s cross, for the old man can only be crucified there: we are crucified with him. The only weapon to fight sin with is the spear which pierced the side of Jesus. To give an illustration—you want to overcome an angry temper, how do you go to work? It is very possible you have never tried the right way of going to Jesus with it. How did I get salvation? I came to Jesus just as I was, and I trusted him to save me. I must kill my angry temper in the same way. It is the only way in which I can ever kill it. I must go to the cross with it, and say to Jesus, "Lord, I trust thee to deliver me from it." This is the only way to give it a death blow. Are you covetous? Do you feel the world entangle you? You may struggle against this evil so long as you please, but if it be your besetting sin, you will never be delivered from it in any way but by the blood of Jesus. Take it to Christ. Tell him, "Lord, I have trusted thee, and thy name is Jesus, for thou dost save thy people from their sins; Lord, this is one of my sins; save me from it!" Ordinances are nothing without Christ as a means of mortification. Your prayers, and your repentances, and your tears—the whole of them put together—are worth nothing apart from him. "None but Jesus can do helpless sinners good;" or helpless saints either. You must be conquerors through him who hath loved you, if conquerors at all. Our laurels must grow among his olives in Gethsemane.

And Also

April 23-Evening

"Lo, in the midst of the throne ... stood a Lamb as it had been slain." {#Re 5:6}

Why should our exalted Lord appear in his wounds in glory? The wounds of Jesus are his glories, his jewels, his sacred ornaments. To the eye of the believer, Jesus is passing fair because he is "white and ruddy;" white with innocence, and ruddy with his own blood. We see him as the lily of matchless purity, and as the rose crimsoned with his own gore. Christ is lovely upon Olivet and Tabor, and by the sea, but O! there never was such a matchless Christ as he that did hang upon the cross. There we beheld all his beauties in perfection, all his attributes developed, all his love drawn out, all his character expressed. Beloved, the wounds of Jesus are far more fair in our eyes than all the splendour and pomp of kings. The thorny crown is more than an imperial diadem. It is true that he bears not now the sceptre of reed, but there was a glory in it that never flashed from sceptre of gold. Jesus wears the appearance of a slain Lamb as his court dress in which he wooed our souls, and redeemed them by his complete atonement. Nor are these only the ornaments of Christ: they are the trophies of his love and of his victory. He has divided the spoil with the strong. He has redeemed for himself a great multitude whom no man can number, and these scars are the memorials of the fight. Ah! if Christ thus loves to retain the thought of his sufferings for his people, how precious should his wounds be to us!

Behold how every wound of his

A precious balm distils,

Which heals the scars that sin had made,

And cures all mortal ills.

Those wounds are mouths that preach his grace;

The ensigns of his love;

The seals of our expected bliss

In paradise above.

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