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The Imitation of Christ

Thomas Hemerken of Kempen, or Thomas À Kempis as he is now known.
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Apr 22
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Song = Why Are You Downcast

Apr 22

3. Internal Consolation

3.2 Truth Speaks Inwardly Without the Soundof Words

SPEAK, Lord, for Thy servant heareth." {#1Ki 3:9} "Iam Thy servant. Give me understanding that I may know Thineordinances {#Ps 119:125} ... Incline my heart to Thine ordinances{#Ps 119:36} ... Let Thy speech distil as the dew." {#De32:2}

The children of Israel once said to Moses: "Speak thou tous and we will hear thee: let not the Lord speak to us, lest wedie." {#Ex 20:19}

Not so, Lord, not so do I pray. Rather with Samuel the prophetI entreat humbly and earnestly: "Speak, Lord, for Thyservant heareth." Do not let Moses or any of the prophetsspeak to me; but You speak, O Lord God, Who inspired andenlightened all the prophets; for You alone, without them, caninstruct me perfectly, whereas they, without You, can do nothing.They, indeed, utter fine words, but they cannot impart thespirit. They do indeed speak beautifully, but if You remainsilent they cannot inflame the heart. They deliver the message;You lay bare the sense. They place before us mysteries, but Youunlock their meaning. They proclaim commandments; You help us tokeep them. They point out the way; You give strength for thejourney. They work only outwardly; You instruct and enlighten ourhearts. They water on the outside; You give the increase.

They cry out words; You give understanding to the hearer.

Let not Moses speak to me, therefore, but You, the Lord myGod, everlasting truth, speak lest I die and prove barren if I ammerely given outward advice and am not inflamed within; lest theword heard and not kept, known and not loved, believed and notobeyed, rise up in judgment against me.

Speak, therefore, Lord, for Your servant listens. "Thouhast the words of eternal life." {#Joh 6:69} Speak to me forthe comfort of my soul and for the amendment of my life, for Yourpraise, Your glory, and Your everlasting honor.

April 22-Morning {Daily Reading: #1Ki 2:26-4:34} {Quick Study: #1Ki 12:1-13:34}

"Him hath God exalted." {#Ac 5:31}

Jesus, our Lord, once crucified, dead and buried, now sits upon the throne of glory. The highest place that heaven affords is his by undisputed right. It is sweet to remember that the exaltation of Christ in heaven is a representative exaltation. He is exalted at the Fatherís right hand, and though as Jehovah he had eminent glories, in which finite creatures cannot share, yet as the Mediator, the honours which Jesus wears in heaven are the heritage of all the saints. It is delightful to reflect how close is Christís union with his people. We are actually one with him; we are members of his body; and his exaltation is our exaltation. He will give us to sit upon his throne, even as he has overcome, and is set down with his Father on his throne; he has a crown, and he gives us crowns too; he has a throne, but he is not content with having a throne to himself, on his right hand there must be his queen, arrayed in "gold of Ophir." He cannot be glorified without his bride. Look up, believer, to Jesus now; let the eye of your faith behold him with many crowns upon his head; and remember that you will one day be like him, when you shall see him as he is; you shall not be so great as he is, you shall not be so divine, but still you shall, in a measure, share the same honours, and enjoy the same happiness and the same dignity which he possesses. Be content to live unknown for a little while, and to walk your weary way through the fields of poverty, or up the hills of affliction; for by and by you shall reign with Christ, for he has "made us kings and priests unto God, and we shall reign for ever and ever." O!, wonderful thought for the children of God! We have Christ for our glorious representative in heavenís courts now, and soon he will come and receive us to himself, to be with him there, to behold his glory, and to share his joy.

And Also

April 22-Evening

"Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night." {#Ps 91:5}

What is this terror? It may be the cry of fire, or the noise of thieves, or fancied appearances, or the shriek of sudden sickness or death. We live in the world of death and sorrow, we may therefore look for ills as well in the night watches as beneath the glare of the broiling sun. Nor should this alarm us, for be the terror what it may, the promise is that the believer shall not be afraid. Why should he? Let us put it more closely, why should we? God our Father is here, and will be here all through the lonely hours; he is an almighty Watcher, a sleepless Guardian, a faithful Friend. Nothing can happen without his direction, for even hell itself is under his control. Darkness is not dark to him. He has promised to be a wall of fire around his peopleóand who can break through such a barrier? Worldlings may well be afraid, for they have an angry God above them, a guilty conscience within them, and a yawning hell beneath them; but we who rest in Jesus are saved from all these through rich mercy. If we give way to foolish fear we shall dishonour our profession, and lead others to doubt the reality of godliness. We ought to be afraid of being afraid, lest we should vex the Holy Spirit by foolish distrust. Down, then, ye dismal forebodings and groundless apprehensions, God has not forgotten to be gracious, nor shut up his tender mercies; it may be night in the soul, but there need be no terror, for the God of love changes not. Children of light may walk in darkness, but they are not therefore cast away, nay, they are now enabled to prove their adoption by trusting in their heavenly Father as hypocrites cannot do.

Though the night be dark and dreary,

Darkness cannot hide from thee;

Thou art he, who, never weary,

Watchest where thy people be.

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