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As I looked out into the night
An angel from heaven appeared before my sight
As the angel stands in her long white gown
She made her trumpet sound
Then my lord from heaven came & took his people home
He left me in this world all alone
Now I know, no matter how hard I pray
My lord in heaven can't hear a word I say
As I looked toward the bay, a man started my way
He said, you will take the mark ( 666 ) or we will take you away
As I went away, I looked towards heaven & then I knew I was going home with my lord to stay
As they tie me down, I remember the angel in her long white gown
The next thing I knew I was standing in heaven & my lord stepped out & said
I've prepared a place for people like you.

She gave her heart to Jesus on Sunday morning before she died on Sunday
night. She was our 4th grandchild to die but I know they are with Jesus.