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 Lake Java  Lake applets are very popular because of the beautiful rippling water effects, which can be modified with droplets effects.

 Exploding rockets flares etc.

WARNING!! this applet requires a LOT of ram and will lock up older machines.

 Doodle  Make your own drawing with the lake effect below
 Warp  A picture of my kids that can be warped and distorted. Got some GOOD picture you want to warp? let me know. Mike
 Pool  The image appears to be only a reflection of the above image till you move the mouse across the bottom half of the reflection and droplet waves appear. I have a LARGE wav file playing in the background s be patient. Total size 2 Meg
 Snow  Pictures with Snow falling
 Photo Album  Breath taking mountain photographs are painted on and warped off in a variety of fascinating ways
Scrolling Down

 Explorer 5.0 Java - BackGround scrolls down


Scrolling across