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By Loretta

Advent is here again and I find myself pondering the lessons of that first Christmas so long ago. My mind lingers on Mary. This young virgin and the fiat of surrender she pronounced. She said, "Yes." It was a yes that promised her life, and it was a yes that cost her all of her life.

"Yes, Lord, my life is yours. I will do it your way. I will not look back and grumble and complain. I will look at today with a grateful heart, and at tomorrow with hope and with peace knowing it comes from your hand."

Yes, the Virgin Mary had deep faith and therefore a deep peace. She went to visit Elizabeth and share that joy and peace with her. In the words of her Magnificat we are reminded who our God is. He is a God who cares for the poor and the weak and the needy. He is a God who remembers his promises and fulfills them. He is a God who remembers his children and gives them good gifts.

Mary walked in this peace because she knew who God was. She knew he loved her and did not forget her. She knew that when he gave promises, he brought them to birth. She knew her path would not be easy, but that it would lead to God. She also never asked for the road to be easier. I suspect she just asked for the grace to walk one day at a time. After all, the angel called her, "Mary, full of grace."

And so I look at Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, and wonder to myself at all that she endured. I ask for grace, not to make the road easier, but to endure. I ask for a grateful heart to see the joy and blessing in today. I ask for a real knowledge of who is my God who lives within me, and the grace to rest secure in his arms. I ask to surrender like Mary.

May the Lord bless you this Advent, as we prepare for the coming of Jesus Christ, the King of Glory
Love and Blessings,

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