Don * Wendy Francisco - The price of a Gift

Greetings and Hallo from the Hodapps!

We are praying that your Christmas Holiday be blessed with special gifts of the heart! After the last time I wrote, I received letters from people sharing, (which I love the feedback as that is how we all grow and learn) that people were sad, that I had ruined their favorite Christmas Story or the whole Holiday. That was not my intent, I write as I feel the Lord has led me to write, to share about a continuing need in this world, which is Children, the most blessed Gift from God, next to Salvation. However children are dying, being beaten, shaken, molested, neglected, suffering from drug exposure/withdrawal and this problem is growing second by second. The government has tried to help, however children can not be raised by the government or a governmental system and be ok. Children need human touch, loving care, they need God, they need love and a loving family. Until this is available for ALL Children and this is no longer and issues, I can not stop writing about it, unless God tells me to. How ever I am led to write about this issue (and possible others) I must follow. My writing is never intended to ruin anything only enlighten and make one reflect upon the issues at hand.

Away In a Manger
O Little Town of Bethlehem

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