Well I'm on the Soap Box again.

"God is in Control"

I am learning Daily the meaning of this saying. No matter what I say, think, feel or do get little accomplished. Give it to let Lord and over night thing get done.

But it doesn't start or stop with me, I am seeing this happen throughout the whole USA. I know, explain this, OK.

Throughout history God's people have wandered away and often rebelled. It starts with Adam and Eve, rebelling and eating from the tree of knowledge. Cain, rebelling because God was not pleased with his offering and killing Able. The Jews rebelled many time throughout history, even while seeing God's blessings and protection for them. One would think we would learn from history, but we have proven countless time to be blind to what is in front of us and to wander away from God(often we run in the opposite direction).

America; founded on Godly principles, what happened to them? God has been expelled from our schools, Our Courts, and from most every aspect of our lives. There is talk of taking the word "In God We Trust" from our money (Watch the economy fall then). Our churches are even rebelling against God. Is it a wonder that God has lifted his covering from us?

Back to our history lessons. Every time God's people have pulled away from God and his principles he has allowed (and at times Caused ) things to happen to bring us back to him. Adam and Eve were expelled from Eden. The Jews were driven from there land, and later made to walk in the desert for 40 years. I could go on for pages about the way we have turned from God and how he has made ways for our return.

Since Sept. 11 the Nation, and world has been praying for a release from the oppression we have come under. I am seeing a different picture. Since this time we have seen a renewing of Christian beliefs. Even during Desert Storm, Bible sale only went up 10%. Christian Booksellers are reporting 50% increases in Bible sales. Teachers, Pupils and whole schools are praying openly. Theology professors are being openly confronted about God and Christ. Even the Science Professors are openly professing a belief in God.

Last night I woke up with my shoulder Throbbing because of a torn muscle from years ago. Normally this would cause a night terror; but instead I was hearing the singing of the song "God is in control"! Count it as childish but I consider it a message from the Lord. HE IS IN CONTROL!!

While the Nation is praying for a release of the terror it is undergoing, my prayer is "God, PLEASE do whatever is necessary to bring us closer to you. Even as the country of Nineveh (Joan and the Great fish (Jonah 1 through the whole book)) repented and was saved, so my we be restored in you site".

Wake Up America! The Jews roamed in the desert for 40 years And lost the holy city of Israel because they lost their faith and first love(Jehovah). Similar things could happen to us if we do not align ourselves with HIS will. Let us be like Nineveh and repent, and change our ways, that we might be saved from the perils that could come.

The first step begins with you.

P.S. I am NOT a divine prophet, Just a believer who is trying to follow what the Lord shows me.

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