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The Call

OK Lord, You’ve got me; Now what

This was the question I ask. It was between Thanksgiving and Christmas of the 80’s when I opened my spiritual eyes and saw God. So what’s next God?

God has a plan for you; are you listening to him? If you are wandering aimlessly in the desert from one burning bush to the next and not hearing anything then and listen. Without a focus point in your life you will be tossed for ever.

My Pastor grew up in Idaho with open ranges all around. He had a chance to see true shepherding, and open range techniques, and we have been privileged to receive many stories and examples from his youth. One of the stories he told us last week got my attention.

It seem that bulls were allowed to roam the open areas till they grew to adulthood. Of course these bulls were both wild and very big. So how do you drag a big bull many miles to the coral and make him stay there? Because of their size finding the bull was not much of a problem, and a good cowboy could lasso them, with a second cowboy and horse they could hold him still, but not drag him. It seems the technique was to bring a little burro with them who was trained to do one thing; go home. So after they lassoed the bull and held him still they would tie the burro’s neck to the bull’s neck and release the bull. And the cowboys would go home or look for the next bull.

Of course the bull would buck and trash about (It’s a wonder they didn’t loose the burro in my mind, but I guess they are tougher than I ever imagined). After a while the bull would tire and relax. And the burro would start walking towards home. Yes the bull would start to fight and thrash about again and again soon tire and the burro would start walking again toward home. This would go on for days and even weeks. But in a week or two they would see a very exhausted and peaceful bull being lead by this little burro back into the corral.

The moral of this story:
If your life has no focus you will be wandering in the plains lost forever. But with focus as the burro needing to go to home, then no matter how much the bull tries to through you, your focus will always be on the direction God has given you, and as the burro you will eventually end up in the corral that God has built for you.

The next question:
Are you willing to turn your life over to God? Not just saying “I Believe” but rather do with me as you will, I am your.

The Israelites wandered in the desert for 40 year through on whole generation. The actual trip should have taken about 6 weeks, when they were ready to follow God he lead them to the Promised land where they began the real battle. Are you ready to allow the Lord to put focus I your life so you can start the battle; or do you need to wander aimlessly in the desert of despair for a few more years. Your corral (True reward) awaits you, but you have the battle of this life to fight first.

In our church we were given some time. Some prayed by themselves, some prayed in groups, and some prayed for each other; A few went to have the coffee and donuts in the foyer. This time is yours, use it wisely. What you do will determine the next step and the eventual outcome.

May the lord bless you in your walk.
Mike Hodapp

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