AJ is our newest addition. We brought him home April 10th at five pounds and only three days old. This beautiful baby boy is a blessing beyond belief. Little AJ tested positive for crack/cocaine and heroin at birth. Though only time will show what difficulties lie ahead for this little one. We feel blessed 10 times over with this little boy. Please keep him in your prayers as he needs them. His mother is HIV, though little Aaron has tested negative at this point and his chances are over 90% that he has not contracted the HIV virus. Prayers are still greatly needed for this little one.


2006 Update
Now at nine years old, AJ is still HIV negative, so the chances of him ever having AIDs as a birth effect is almost 0!! When we adopted AJ we wanted to keep his initials AJ so we named him Aelijah Joel. The spelling was Mother's idea to keep him with the AJ.

AJ shows no physical handicaps from the drugs on board at birth, but is very ADHD. Most of his medication is for his extreme hyperness. AJ has a heart of gold, and though he craves attention and peer friendship, he needs a lot of alone time to keep from being over stimulated and unfocused.

AJ is functioning at about half his physical age and loves little kids (especially the girls).

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