Christianna Elizabeth

Christianna is 12 years old and functions at a four to five year old level. She was placed as an infant. Chrissy was born prematurely to a mother with mental retardation. She was not able to care for Chrissy's medical needs which were very extensive as an infant. Chrissy has developmental delays, asthma and temperature instability. Chrissy is at a preschool to kindergarten level in most of her ADL's and academic learning. Her love for the Lord is deep and taken seriously. She is the first to pray for any and all that are in need of prayer. She is a helper and a doer. She has never been known to sit and feel sorry for herself as she is always to busy praying for and helping others.

When she was about eight years old she was attacked by a dog and required over thirty stitches to her face. As I looked at this child and wept in sorrow for her pain, she said, "Mommy don't cry I will pray for you!" and she did. We have adopted Christianna.

Christianna Elizabeth

2006 Update
Chrissy is now 22 and is still our little prayer warrior functioning at a pre-school level. She is a helper in Sunday School, participates in the Church Dance group, and loves to sing praise hymns. Chrissy's love and tenderness seems to exceed that of other children. What she lacks in adult maturity God has blessed abundantly with His special type of love which seems to know no boundaries.

Besides Church, Sunday School, and dance, Chrissy also bowls with us twice a week. Everywhere we go, people are blessed by Chrissy's tender loving heart. For a girl who would be lucky to roll over, Chrissy qualifies as a miracle from God.

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