Gabriel Michael

Gabriel Michael is five years old. Gabriel functions developmentally at a two to three year old level. Gabriel came to us at eight months old after being released from the hospital. Gabriel was born a normally healthy baby boy. The first five months of his life were a nightmare as the abuse began. His mother's boyfriend spent three months horribly abusing him. His mother spent this time not feeding him properly, she would feed him only four ounces of formula three times per day, unless he cried too much and then he only received four ounces of water. By the time he was admitted to the hospital at five months, he had two skull fractures requiring the placement of a shunt in his brain.

Most all of his major bones had at least one break, if not two. His left leg had been snapped backwards at the knee and he had been thrown on the floor and against the wall numerous time. Gabriel spent 45 days in intensive care. He was also dying of malnutrition. Only because of God's touch did this little boy live. He is now cortically blind, developmentally delayed, and has emotional problems as well as some orthopedic problems. When we brought Gabriel home, we were told that he would never regain head control. During the first six months with us he became very affectionate, learned head control, smiled and became very attached. The developmental rehabilitation doctors were blown away. They could not believe the gains he made. Today he walks, is finally eating from a spoon and taking sips from a cup,. He loves music and he greatly enjoys singing and being held. It has been a great blessing to us to watch God perform these miracles in the lives of our children. We have adopted Gabriel.

Gabriel Michael

2006 Update
Gabriel has me stumped. We saw so many miracles from him as a baby and through the first few years; Physically he made enormous improvements during the first few years, and perhaps I have not asked for enough prayer for him. At 14 years old, he is still drinking from a tipsy cup or sports bottle and will only eat soft foods like pudding.

Gabriel loves music and memorizes music almost immediately. Though he was born with a normal IQ he seems to be trapped in his own little world of autistic behaviour (sometimes I feel like it is more of a dungeon that a world). All day long he sings and listens to music (usually Praise music). Knowing the nightmare he was born with, I understand the walls he has built up and can only cry for the torture he must go through to be part of our world. Much prayer and deliverance is needed for him.

This summer we will probably be having knee surgery on Gab's knee because it is growing crooked. One of the many broken bones he received as a baby damages the growth plate in his left knee.

Through all that Gabriel went through, he still comes into my office several times a day for reassurance and a kiss on the cheek just to know we are still there. Thanks in advance for your prayers.

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