Gabriel Paul

You would think by now we would be thinking of retiring soon. As I tell people, "I'm not retired; I'm just tired ;-)". I find it mind boggling at times watching how things happen around here. The next three spots are an example of what I mean:

At almost 60 years old, it seems like we are starting all over again. I am realizing what Abraham must have been feeling when the Lord said he would be given a son at 90+ years old.

A mother of three young boys we have been working with has come to the conclusion that in her mid twenties, she's not ready for motherhood. After having us raise her first three (no Social Service involvement) she is still not ready to settle down and is pregnant with her fourth baby. She contemplated abortion, but wants another way out. Knowing that we have very strong beliefs against abortion, she said she would not abort this baby if we would adopt and not anyone else.

With the Lord's leading, we have convinced her to have her tubes tied when she has this one. The father has refused anything to do with the baby, so it will be her decision. Please pray with us for the strength to carry on for the next 15-20 years; and that she follows through with her promise to have her tubes tied and make the best possible plans for the new baby.

New Baby:
Pray for the health of this new baby, and that mother will maintain a very healthy life style while she is carrying the baby.

Gabriel Paul

Gabriel is her oldest son. The father is unknown. Gabriel Paul (we already have our Gabriel Michael) is three years old and has the vocabulary of a sailor; he's slowly cleaning up his language. He is really a very sweet little boy with a LOT of energy. Great Grandma and Great Grandpa have been raising him till about two months ago. Great Grandma-pa have given him a lot of love, but are in the upper seventies and having trouble keeping up with him; they've also made me realize I'm only 15 years younger than them.

Gabriel loves his camouflaged Kaki pants. To him it looks like green flames on the sides, so he calls them his "Fire Pants".


Nathan is in the terrible two's. No one has worked with him much, so his vocabulary is lacking, which frustrates him because he knows what he wants, but can't put it into words. Like his older brother, he has lots of energy.

We have Nathan only on occasional weekends. He spends the rest of the time with his father.

Both Gabriel and Nathan MAY have some emotional problems as they get older. With your prayer and God's grace this may be overturned.

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