Hannah Asante

Hannah Asante is eight years old. She came to live with us at 18 months old. Hannah had a failure to thrive and was unattached. She was looking for a mommy and daddy. When I walked in the room to take her home, it was also our very first time to meet. She ran across the room with her hands raised in the air saying "mommy, mommy." Hannah also has Sickle Cell Trait and ADHD. She is a beautiful young girl that enjoys dance classes, watching ice skating, ballet, and never stops talking. There are days that Hannah can talk forever. We have adopted Hannah.

Hannah Asante

2006 Update
Because of the emotional strain on Hannah when she was a baby - rejected by her biological mother - Hannah has developed some attachment disorders. Even though she speaks well of us, it is too painful for her to live in a loving family enviornment, causing her to rebel. She lives for the day to get out on her own to the point she has run away several times.

After going from A's and B's to C's and D's in one semester at school, and threatening to leave again, we decided the best thing for her was to experience the world for herself, but in a somewhat protected environment. At age 17, Hannah is now in the Job Corps. and seems to be doing well. She realizes now that she didn't have it as bad as she thought she had. Most of the kids there are older than her and come from poverty and abusive backgrounds. During Christmas break, the students were warned that many have gone home to find their families moved with no forwarding addresses; some Christmas break. This happening to some at Christmas is working on her.

Hannah has finished her GED in the first two months and received a high school diploma at 17. She is considering the offer of two years of college towards RN studies/program.

Though Hannah made some very poor decisions in her earlier teens; she has turned them around. We are very proud of the way Hannah is handling life now.

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