Isaiah Daniel Intsikelelo

Isaiah Daniel Intsikelelo, (Intsikelelo means blessing from God) was three years old in January. We brought him home when he was two months old and weighed four pounds. Isaiah was born prematurely, and tested positive to crack/cocaine. He has extreme bilateral PVL. A good portion of his brain has been destroyed. Isaiah has a seizure disorder, temperature instability, growth hormone deficiency, hypoglycemia, abnormal muscle tone, pulmonary hypertension, thyroid deficiency, swallow disorder, reflux and neurological breathing.

Isaiah is a total care infant that shows multiple signs of cocaine (i.e. poor organizational skills, fussiness and irritability). Isaiah is significantly developmentally delayed and medically fragile. At this point in time Isaiah weighs 19 pounds. He is not able to roll over, crawl, or sit up. He is much like a newborn to three month old, gross motor wise. Cognitively he is very aware of his surroundings, able to show and share likes and dislikes. He is very pampered by all here (children included). There are days that Isaiah struggles for his very existence. Then there are days he rules the house, with his laughter and smiles.

Currently we have co-guardianship of Isaiah with the County.

We are working out the adoption subsidy situation as Isaiah falls through the cracks as far as funding is concerned for his extra special needs.

1997 update
Sorry, no pictures. This was before we had a digital camera. Shortly after the above was written, the Lord Called Isaiah home, March 1, 1997. Though he fought to the end, his little body could not overcome the handicaps cause by the drugs at birth.

Isaiah touched many hearts, and even through his funeral God showered blessings abundantly on people as seen by the writings at

Isaiah's Corner

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