Jacob Lazarus Israel

Jacob Lazarus Israel is eight years old. Jacob functions developmentally at a preschool level. Jacob was placed with us at six months. He was born prematurely, then sent to his biological home where he was abused and neglected. Jacob came to live with us after his second foster home placement. He has asthma, pulmonary hypertension, ADHD, and Sensory Integration Disorder.

At the age of two, Jacob came down with influenza, had a respiratory arrest and ended up on a vent for 15 days. The doctors shared with us that Jacob would not make it. We prayed very hard, and at that point in time we ended up with two more children in the hospital at the same time with whooping cough. I spent my days on the third floor of Children's Hospital and my nights (after midnight until six am) in ICU. After about seven days on the vent, the doctors were amazed and shared, "your son will live, but he will not walk again, or sit or talk." They felt that much damage was done to his brain. On the 15th day, Jacob came off the vent. We brought him back home two days later. Within a week he was walking again. At this point in time we had not adopted Jacob yet, so his name was different. It was Kyle. When we adopt the children we change their names.

When I was sharing with his doctor that his new name would be Jacob Israel, she replied, "It needs to be Jacob Lazarus Israel, as God is the only reason this child is alive and doing so well." Now Jacob never stops moving. He is a very busy creative individual. Jacob is also involved in dance classes at the church. We have adopted Jacob.


2006 Update
Jacob is no longer a little boy. At 17 years old, towering over 6 feet tall and over 225 pounds, I am blessed to report that Jacob has been given a most gentle personality. Functioning on an eight to nine year old level, Jacob dearly loves the Lord and has a special attraction both to and from litter kids. Kids seem to look up to Jacob because of his size, but accept him on their own level as one of the "kids". Jacob is very helpful with both kids and chores above his mental level. Jacob has very few physical handicaps, so I would say he qualifies as another miracle from God.

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