Joshua Jeremiah

Joshua Jeremiah is 19 years old and has no special needs. Joshua is our biological son (I dislike using those terms - all of the children are God's children). Over the years, Joshua has taken the same training as us and has learned to help care for his brothers and sisters' special needs. He is still living at home, though he does now work outside the home and still helps fill in when needed. He also remains on call while at work for emergencies.

Joshua Jeremiah

2006 Update
(Pictured above: Joshua and girlfriend, with OUR two newest little ones (not theirs) who's story is below.)

Time flies and our children grow up. Josh has become an excellent mechanic, and is a local emissions guru. If a car won't pass emissions he can tell you how it will. He's going into management now. We are extremely proud of him.

Josh is planning on getting married in the near future to a very sweet girl. Hopefully the next update will be to tell you about his children (our grandchildren).

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