Rachel Rebecca

Rachel Rebecca is now 25 years old. Developmentally, Rachel functions at a seven to nine year old level. She came here when she was 15 years old. For 15 years she lived in a very abusive family situation. She has matured and grown over the 10 years she has been here. Though she still has a long way to go, she is blossoming into a new individual. She is very helpful here in the home and greatly enjoys the younger children and helping with them. She continues to have many emotional problems from the past, though she is trying very hard to lay these problems at the feet of Jesus, so that she can rebuild her life. Rachel is involved in our church youth group and dance classes that are taught through the church. She enjoys music, art, drawing, dancing and sharing a joke with a friend. We have adopted Rachel.

Rachel Rebecca

2006 Update
Because of her Bipolar problems, Rachel has moved to an adult home and is doing well. She spends most days with us, but when she starts having problems she has a place to return to and sort out her thoughts.

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