Ryan Lowell Josiah

Ryan Lowell Josiah is 10 years old. Ryan functions at an 18 year old level. Ryan was born prematurely, testing positive for Heroin. He ended up having 90% of his small intestines removed when he was just a few days old. He was fed through a central line with IV fluids for almost five years. Ryan, through a healing touch from God, is now eating, roller blading, playing football, basketball, and baseball. He greatly enjoys dance classes. Ryan has some learning disabilities and ADHD. He has come a long way down a hard road in his life, though is now making great strides. We have adopted Ryan.

Ryan Lowell Josiah

2006 Update
Ryan began showing many signs of Bipolar disorder and finally became too destructive to be around the other children here. After being passed around through several homes and running numerous times, Social Services has given him the chance to function as an adult. He still gets into a lot of trouble, but seems to be growing. Learning to deal with life before he gets put in jail is our major prayer and hope for him. We are finding that many children born with drugs on board, are having these kinds of problems.

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