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Sarah Talitha

Sarah Talitha is 18 years old. Sarah functions at a three to four year old level of development. Sarah came to us at a year weighing only eight pounds. We were told if she lived six more months it would be a miracle. The doctors also shared that she would be a total care child, with mental retardation. She has since lived another 17 years, learned to sit up, walk, talk and sign. Sarah continues to be small for her age , she is the size of an eight year old. She may be small, but she has mighty plans and thoughts. Her name, Sarah, means princess and she believes that she is and Talitha means young girl, though she believes she is a teenager. Sarah tends to be a little on the spoiled side though loved by all. It is great to watch God at work touching these little people's lives. Sarah continues to be medically fragile, though God has brought her this far for a purpose and a reason. We have adopted Sarah.

Alice & Sarah

2006 Update
Sarah was given a "Make A Wish" gift trip to Disneyland for the entire family. Those pictures and other family photos can be seen at

Mike's Photos

Through The Lord's grace, a lot of love, and modern medicine, she is still with us. She has had many surgeries to help with comfort and to fight diseases She has had ten central line, this last one being a "Medi-Port". We are praying that this one lasts because there are no more places to put a line in at. We give Sarah blood treatments (Gamunex IVG) to help fight infections. Many of you have kept Sarah in your prayers, and I attribute 99% of her well being to you ongoing prayers, Thank you!

Sarah was also featured in an article by the Children's Hospital six years ago.

Please click here to see that article!

Through Sarah's frailties, she has touched and broken hearts of some of the toughest men (and women) we have worked with. The Lord has used Sarah in ways we cannot comprehend. She is definably a miracle from God!

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