This is probably going to be the longest of all the kids stories. You see Sean was a daddy's boy and my special friend that God had assigned to me.

Before Sean came to us I was pretty tough, nothing really effected me pro or con; it was all just part of life. I'd seen many people's lives changed because of my children and was somewhat affected by them; but it was through Sean that the Lord broke my heart, and allowed me a glimpse through his eyes. Even six years later, I get misty-eyed writing this.

Wherever Sean was, I was close by. When he went to Children's Hospital, I moved in with him. If he was uncomfortable, I would rock him... all night if need be. When he had nosebleeds because of no clotting, I would rock, comfort and do what we could to stop it, often 14 hours at a time. It is impossible not to be attached to one you work so hard to save and comfort. For his last six months We lived in my recliner.

Sean taught me some very powerful and painful lessons. The first lesson was that God IS here for us and DOES speak to us; even if we can't hear him. The Lord had many conversations with Sean, but the one that stands out the most was before he went home to the Lord. We had planed a family reunion to introduce the family to our new son. We had just completed the adoption of Sean. When we asked him if he was going to be nice to Grandma, he would shake his head. If we quizzed him more he would make it clear he was not going to be here. Of course we took that as baby play; his health was the best it had ever been. A week before the reunion he got another blood infection (one of many). He was responding to the IV Antibiotics and I reassured him that Grandma was going to meet him; again he said strongly no. Three days before family was to arrive, his kidneys shut down. The doctors gave no hope so I brought him home, and gave Momma an hour to hold and cuddle with him. God had spoken to him that he would not be here to meet Grandma, but he had good health till the last few hours...


Sean also taught me to look for God's beauty no matter what, which caused me to write "Beauty in the Cesspool" below...

Beauty in a Cesspool
God is concerned about all things, even that which seems trivial to some of us, like our jobs for instance. If it is important to you then it is important to God. At times, though, God allows us to be in a spot so that we can learn something and grow. Often times, I am not sure what God is doing, so I pray for His will to prevail even if it doesn't seem like much to me. Some of the requests seem devastating, then I look back and see how some of the same situations have brought me closer to Him. At the time it was hard to see beyond my own nose.

One of the times was when Isaiah died. A little boy that could not even roll over softened the hearts of some of the toughest men I have known. Both saved an unsaved people were touched by him. To read some of the testimonies go to

Isaiah's Corner

At times, we get so overwhelmed by the negative things around us we don't see the good. Some of the prettiest flowers I've seen grew around a cesspool.

Last night, Sean woke around five a.m. and began singing the most beautiful melody I have heard in a long time. My wife and I woke and just listened for almost an hour while he sang to us. With all the trial he is going through, the Lord allowed him the ability to sing that beautiful lullaby. No words just tongues (ya ya da da, etc.).

Yesterday shortly after Dee got back from his GI appointment he got fussy. I picked him up and sat in the rocking chair. He replied with a big sigh, curled up and went to sleep. So my friends, rather than to dwell on our sorrows I want to encourage you to look for the blessings. Yes, even around a cesspool there are blessings. The problems come from Satan, the perfect will is from God. If we concentrate on the perfect will, the problems will take care of themselves.

May God bless each and everyone of you. I do pray for each and every one of you, no matter how big or small the need is. God cares and so do I.

Mike Hodapp

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In Loving Memory of Sean

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