Tanya has been here for three plus years, she is now almost 20 years old. Developmentally Tanya is at a nine to ten year old level of functioning. Tanya has cerebral palsy that affects her arms, hands and legs. She uses a power chair for mobility. Tanya has made gains during her time here. She is now checking out resources to live semi-independently when she turns 21 in 1998. Tanya is also involved in checking out her future occupation.

She coordinates her classes and school, job training, therapy and other positions she holds at school. She does a great job of seeing to her own affairs. Tanya does not wish to be adopted as she is still praying that one day God will fill the hearts and lives of her family.

Since we have not adopted Tanya, for confidentiality, we have not included any photos and are using a name other than her original name. God is powerful and will know who you are praying for.

2006 Update
Tanya is living in an assisted living apartment and doing well. She has two jobs working as a ticket taker at Coor's Field (Rockies Baseball Team), and the Pepsi Center for several years now, and loves being out with people.

Last year, Tanya recieved a "Service Dog" named Norie to help her with doors, dropped items, light switches and more. Mom (Dee) ENJOYS babysitting Norie because she picks up dropped items and brings her the phone without whining or talking back as the kids often do ;-)

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