Willie was one of out foster children that we did not adopt; though in our hearts he will always be our son. He reminds me very much of our Ryan; though not physically, he HAD some of the same problems Ryan is going through, but learned to overcome them.

When Willie reached legal age and was released on the world, really the world was released on him. After leading a very hard life of drunkenness and living in alleys; he was arrested and spent over a year in jail. He had a lot of time to reflect on life and decided to get his life back together, and God was the best route.


Will joined the staff at one of the downtown missions and spent over a year there. When the mission closed, he asked if he could move back with us. Since he is sober and seeking God, we said yes. Will has been with us several years now helping clean and watching the kids. Most important though, he has an intimate relationship with God, who has brought our son home.

Please keep praying for his mental and spiritual wellbeing.

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