Solid Christianity

If are looking for a place to grow stop at some of these pages for teaching from the heart.

Teaching the Lord has given to Mike Hodapp

The Lord has laid several teaching and other thoughts on my heart. Though they have been for me I think others may benefit from them. I come from a different prospective than any other messages I have heard on these topics. If you don't agree that's OK.

CHRIST-mass Teaching on how to honor Christ at Christmas.A topic I have found and still find hard to follow properly.

Happy Easter Does the Easter Holiday Confuse you?? Is it a Godly time? How should we as CHRISTians celebrate Easter???

The Bible has only ONE mention of EASTER.

Halloween Can Satins Holiday be Christianized

Hanukkah Story and miracle behind the Holiday


Are Hebrew Words and Letters Prophetic?


I asked God

In Memory

He did it for me! Easter the Salvation I gained.

The Heart of Ministry- Why do some believers warm the pews.

Pardon my Knees A fun look at our different beliefs.

I Can't Because Excuses Why Christians don't do as they should

DaVinci Code A Christian Look at how to witness through the DaVinci Code

What If?What if God...

False Are you accepting a fake?

Tithe??? Every person who has read this has gotten something totally different; What will you see

His Name is Jesus The Person of Jesus

Love, God'd Greatest Gift

Count Your Blessings

The Heart of Ministry A three part message
  • Would you wash my feet?
  • Preserving personal piety
  • Are all Believers Disciple??!
  • In God We Still Trust Recreated from an email sent to me

    My Personal Testimony A walk not all should follow.


    NEW 2006

    Twas..You will remember this page for a LONG time

    Christmas DinnerWho will be at your dinner?

    Christmas SongChristmas Forgotten

    The Greatest LoveThe Love of a Father for His Children

    Tommy's Christmas GiftA Brothers love and faith.

    Holidays Are ComingWhat should I do about holidays?

    Christmas Stories Winnie the PooH style

    More Christmas stories By Mike Hodapp

    Has the Lord laid a special teaching on your heart that you want to share. Email it to me at : Put "Ponder This" in the subject line

    Other Ministries I recommend.

    Teachings of Lenard Ravenhill

    Teaching the Word in a unique way

    Gleanings From The Word Excellent Daily Teachings

    COWBOY GOSPEL MINISTRIESCarrying a weekly message called Pastorial Ponderings

    Walk By Faith Ministries New but the teachings are very good

    Memoirs From Lost Love Where is my true LOVE. By Brother Gabriel

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