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First and most important is the children. God has started a medical foster home. The little people here having varying medical issues. Over 10 years we have had more than 30 children come through our hearts here. Each child's story is different. We have worked personally on a 24 hour a day with 5 families whose children had severe medical conditions, and have gone home to our heavenly father. These little ones have taken a little piece of our hearts with them.

I will share with you information on the children that are here in the home now. Please remember that this information is confidential, and for the two foster children their names have been changed because of confidentiality rules.

Rachel Rebecca, is now 25 years old. Developmentally Rachel functions at a 7-9 year old level. She came here when she was 15 years old. For 15 years she lived in a very abusive family situation. She has matured and grown over the 10 years she has been here. Though she still has a long way to go, she is blossoming into a new individual. She is very helpful here in the home and greatly enjoys the younger children and helping with them. She continues to have many emotional problems from the past, though she is trying very hard to lay these problems at the feet of Jesus, so that she can rebuild her life. Rachel is involved in our church youth group and dance classes that are taught through the church.

She enjoys music, art, drawing, dancing and sharing a joke with a friend. We have adopted Rachel.

Marie, has been here for three plus years, she is now almost 20 years old. Developmentally Marie is at a 9-10 year old level of functioning. Marie has cerebral palsy that affects her arms, hands and legs. She uses a power chair for mobility. Marie has made gains during her time here. She is now checking out resources to live semi-independently when she turns twenty one in 1998. Marie is also involved in checking out her future occupation.

She coordinates her classes and school, job training, therapy and other positions she holds at school. She does a great job of seeing to her own affairs. Marie does not wish to be adopted as she is still praying that one day God will fill the hearts and lives of her family.

Christianna Elizabeth Christianna is 12 years old and functions at a 4-5 year old level. She was placed as an infant. Chrissy was born prematurely to a mother with mental retardation. She was not able to care for Chrissy's medical needs which were very extensive as any infant. Chrissy has developmental delays, asthma and temperature instability. Chrissy is at a preschool to kindergarten level in most of her ADL's and academic learning. Her love for the Lord is deep and taken seriously. She is the first to pray for any and all that are in need of prayer. She is a helper and a doer. She has never been known to sit and feel sorry for herself as she is always to busy praying for and helping others.

When she was about 8 years old she was attacked by a dog and required over thirty stitches to her face. As I looked at this child and wept in sorrow for her pain, she said, "Mommy don't cry I will pray for you!" and she did. We have adopted Christianna.

Tony Christian is 10 years old. Tony functions developmentally at a preschool level. Tony has a form of muscular dystrophy, Congenital Myotonic Dystrophy. He was not diagnosed until he was 4 years old. He has been with us since he was 5 years old. Tony came to live with us as his family could no longer care for his needs. His biological mother also has Myotonic Dystrophy. Tony wanted to come and be a part of our family as we had already adopted his younger sister Sarah. Tony has a very creative mind. He loves the Lord. Tony has be come a helper and a doer verses a couch potatoes. He enjoys being a part of and helping his brothers and sisters. Tony is in dance classes through our church also. We have adopted Tony.

Ryan Lowell Josiah is 10 years old. Ryan functions at a 8 year old level of functioning. Ryan was born prematurely, testing positive for Heroin. He ended up having 90% of his small intestines removed when he was just a few days old. He was fed through a central line with IV fluids for almost 5 years. Ryan, through a healing touch from God, is now eating, roller blading, playing football, basketball, and baseball. He greatly enjoys dance classes. Ryan has some learning disabilities and ADHD. He has come a long way down a hard road in his life, though is now making great strides. We have adopted Ryan.

Sarah Talitha is 8 years old. Sarah functions at a 3-4 year old level of development. Sarah came to us at a year weighing only 8 pounds. We were told if she lived 6 more months it would be a miracle. The doctors also shared that she would be a total care child,with mental retardation. She has since lived another 7 years, learned to sit up, walk, talk and sign. Sarah continues to be small for her age , she is the size of a 4 year old. She may be small but she has mighty plans and thoughts. Her name, Sarah means princess and she believes that she is and Talitha means young girl, though she believes she is a teenager. Sarah tends to be a little on the spoiled side though loved by all. It is great to watch God at work touching these little people's lives. Sarah continues to be medically fragile, though God has brought her this far for a purpose and a reason. We have adopted Sarah.

Hannah Asante is 8 years old. She came to live with us at 18 months old. Hannah was failure to thrive and unattached. She was looking for a mommy and daddy. When I walked in the room to take her home it was also our very first time to meet. She ran across the room with her hands raised in the air saying "mommy, mommy." Hannah also has sickle cell trait and ADHD. She is a beautiful young girl that enjoys dance classes, watching ice skating, ballet, and never stops talking. There are days that Hannah can talk forever. We have adopted Hannah.

Jacob Lazarus Israel, is 8 years old. Jacob functions developmentally at a preschool level. Jacob was placed with us at 6 months. He was born prematurely, then sent to his biological home where he was abused and neglected. Jacob came to live with us after his second foster home placement. He has asthma, pulmonary hypertension, ADHD, and sensory integration disorder.

At the age of 2 years Jacob came down with influenza, had a respiratory arrest and ended up on a vent for 15 days. The doctors shared with us that Jacob would not make it. We prayed very hard, and at that point in time we ended up with two more children in the hospital at the same time with whooping cough. I spent my days on the third floor of Childrens Hospital and my nights (after midnight until 6 am) in ICU. After about 7 days on the vent, the doctors were amazed and shared, "your son will live, but he will not walk again, or sit or talk." They felt that much damage was done to his brain. On the 15th day, Jacob came of the vent. We brought him back home two days later. Within a week he was walking again. At this point in time we had not adopted Jacob yet, so his name was different. It was Kyle. When we adopt the children we change their names.

When I was sharing with his doctor that his new name would be Jacob Israel, she replied "It needs to be Jacob Lazarus Israel as God is the only reason this child is alive and doing so well." Now Jacob never stops moving. He is a very busy creative individual. Jacob is also involved in dance classes at the church. We have adopted Jacob.

Gabriel Michael is 5 years old. Gabriel functions developmentally at a 2-3 year old level. Gabriel came to us at 8 months old after being released from the hospital. Gabriel was born a normally healthy baby boy. The first five months of his life were a nightmare as the abuse began. His mother's boyfriend spent 3 months horribly abusing him. His mother spent this time not feeding him properly, she would feed him only 4 ounces of formula 3 times per day, unless he cried too much and then he only received 4 ounces of water. By the time he was admitted to the hospital at 5 months, he had 2 skull fractures requiring the placement of a shunt in his brain.

Most all of his major bones had at least one break if not two. His left leg had been snapped backwards at the knee and he had been thrown on the floor and against the wall numerous time. Gabriel spent 45 days in intensive care. He was also dying of malnutrition. Only because of God's touch did this little boy live. He is now cortically blind, developmentally delayed, and has emotional problems as well as some orthopedic problems. When we brought Gabriel home we were told that he would never regain head control. During the first 6 months with us he became very affectionate, learned head control, smiled and became very attached. The developmental rehabilitation doctors were blown away they could not believe the gains he made. Today he walks, is finally eating from a spoon and taking sips from a cup, he loves music and he greatly enjoys singing and being held. It has been a great blessing to us to watch God perform these miracles in the lives of our children. We have adopted Gabriel.

Heather Noelle is 5 years old and functions developmentally at a 4 year old level. We brought Heather home at 5 months and eight pounds. She was born prematurely, and tested positive for cocaine. Heather had a tracheotomy, she was on a heated mist and oxygen 24 hours per day. She was fed through a nasal gastric tube and on a feeding pump. She easily became disorganized and over stimulated. Because of this and all of the medical equipment it was hard to hold her as much as we so desperately wanted to. I am a firm believer that babies belong in somebodys arms, especially special needs babies, to give them all of the emotional support and love they missed from before. As time wore on it became apparent that Heather was not going to learn to walk or crawl. At the age of 2 years old it was finally decided that Heather was strong enough to undergo surgery to rebuild her trachea.

Once the surgeons started the surgery the damage was much more extensive then they were aware of. Heather did well after the surgery, she was only in the hospital for 3 days and then came home to heal. At the end of the 6 week healing period she had another surgery for the surgeons to take a look, all was healing just as it should. It was only three weeks later they were able to remove her trachostomy and she was put on oxygen through a nasal canula. At this point in time Heather still did not sit, roll over, crawl or walk. But she had spent her two years of life observing her surroundings and all that everybody did. Her crib was in the living room so that she could be a part of everything. We also hung a mirror on the wall so that she could see everything. Three days after the tracheotomy came out, Heather was sitting and crawling, within days she was walking, then she started running and hasn't stopped. God had healed Heather. All those that knew her and worked with her could see that. Then she took all that observed information she had been gathering by watching us and put it to use. Heather still has developmental delays, ADHD, asthma, and voicing problems. But what a miracle child she is. Heather is involved in dance classes at church and attends dance and Sunday School when her health allows. We have adopted Heather.

Isaiah Daniel Intsikelelo, (Intsikelelo means blessing from God) was three years old in January. We brought him home when he was two months old and weighed 4 pounds. Isaiah was born prematurely, and tested positive to crack/cocaine. He has extreme bilateral PVL. A good portion of his brain has been destroyed. Isaiah has a seizure disorder, temperature instability, growth hormone deficiency, hypoglycemia, abnormal muscle tone, pulmonary hypertension, thyroid deficiency, swallow disorder, reflux and neurological breathing.

Isaiah is a total care infant that shows multiple signs of cocaine (ie poor organizational skills, fussiness and irritability). Isaiah is significantly developmentally delayed and medically fragile. At this point in time Isaiah weighs 19 pounds. He is not able to roll over, crawl, sit up, he is much like a newborn to three month old, gross motor wise. Cognitivly he is very aware of his surroundings, able to show and share likes and dislikes. He is very pampered by all here (children included). There are days that Isaiah struggles for his very existence. Then there are days he rules the house, with his laughter and smiles. Currently we have co-guardianship of Isaiah with the county.

We are working out the adoption subsidy situation as Isaiah falls through the cracks as far as funding is concerned for his extra special needs.

On February 28th, 1997 little Isaiah went into respiratory distress, though the doctors at Childrens Hospital worked hard Isaiah passed away on March 1, 1997. Our sorrow runs deep as this little boys was the center of all of our lives.

Joshua Jeremiah is 19 years old and has no special needs. Joshua is our biological son (I dislike using those terms all of the children are God's children).

Joshua over the years has taken the same training as us and has learned to help care for his brothers and sisters special needs. He is still living at home ,though he does now work outside the home is still helps fill in when needed. He also remains on call while at work for emergencies.

Aaron is our newest addition. We brought him home April 10 at 5 pounds and only 3 days old. This beautiful baby boy is a blessing beyond belief. Little Aaron tested positive for crack/cocaine and heroin at birth. Though only time will show what difficulties lie ahead for this little one. We feel blessed 10 times over with this little boy. Please keep him in your prayers as he needs them. His mother is HIV, though little Aaron has tested negative at this point and his chances are over 90% that he has not contracted the HIV virus, prayers are still greatly needed for this little one.

Not all children have been adopted, there are cases over the years of children being returned home successfully to their parents. Other children have moved on to other adoptive homes, out on their own and still call and return "home" for the holidays. We have over the years lost 6 very special babies that have gone on to be with our Heavenly Father. In those cases these children were very medically fragile. We worked with the families daily sometimes hourly. We parented, cared for and loved these babies together, providing a loving home environment for these beautiful children. They each hold a very special part of our hearts that can never be returned or filled by any others.

Our family is very unique and special. All of the children have a great love for the Lord and learning to serve the needs of others. They know how to pitch in and help out, yet play and have fun as children should. Mike and I feel truly blessed that God has allowed us to work we each and everyone of the children he has put in our path over the years.

Yeshua's Ministry also lends help and support to other families of special needs children, trying to lend the support and referrals needed for the family to remain intact. Our goal is to try and help families keep their special needs child at home when this is possible. We are able to lend (at not charge) medical equipment to families (as available), giving referrals to support groups, and meet with parents to lend support and comfort. We try and help when there is a communication problem between the parents and another organization who is suppose to be lending support or financial help. We are able to provide food baskets to those families in need and occasionally some financial help is available.

Yeshua's Ministry also works with some inner city ministries, providing food baskets. The children have organized blanket and coat drives to take to the homeless people in the intercity. They have on several occasions also gone into the intercity and helped with handing out meals.

Yeshua's Ministry is a non-denominational organization that does not discriminate against any other race, sex or religious affiliation. All the needs of the home are met in the name of Jesus. The Lord has led us to not spend our time soliciting donations, but rather to be about our Father's business and He will take care of our needs.

The sale of Software was started as a fund raiser to help support and operate this home. This was the fund raiser God led us to as it is also a way to spread His word to many. This software is very comprehensive, complete and comparable to other major software, though sold at a ministry price, so that all may be blessed by by God's word.

The Online Bible sales also has a ministry outreach as we give discounts to missionaries and pastors, or provide for free if needed. This has been a great help for many pastors and missionaries.

It was necessary to start a fund raiser for this home to fill the needs for equipment, school items and other services necessary for the children. Once a child is adopted 50-60% of the funding is lost. It is our prayer that soon the sales of computer software will pick up where the subsidy ends. All of the children are home schooled, therapy services are also provided in the home due to the fragile medical conditions of the children.

If you still have more specific questions to be answered, please feel free to ask. You may e-mail us at yeshua.ministry@circles.com, or write us, or call:

Mike Hodapp

Yeshua's Ministry

1965 Altura Blvd.

Aurora, Colorado 80011


1-303-367-0175 FAX

E-mail online.bible@circles.com




His servant,

Dee Hodapp, Assistant Director

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